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Advantages of Home Daycare

 Advantages of Home Daycare

Less expensive than center care

Better daily communication between parent and provider

Daily notes and newsletters

Smaller group size and teacher/child ratio

Less sickness overall

More opportunities for reading

Structured daily routine, yet flexible

Most providers are mom’s themselves and have the natural knack of caring for children

Feeling of being “home”

More one-on-one time

Only one adult—no teenagers and no turn-over of staff

Inspected yearly

The provider has personal references

Children and parents build friendships and relationships with the other families

Kid’s have the experience of interacting with both older and younger children.  This gives them the chance to be role models to the younger children and also gives them older role models to look up to

Variety of play and age appropriate toys and learning materials and games

Individual praise

Potty training

Homework time for school age kids

Lots of hugs and kisses

Many providers offer the following:




               Quiet rest time

               Preschool curriculum

               Experience with pets

               Travel/field trips

Full playground, including bikes, bike helmets, scooters, jump ropes, bubbles, chalk and sports equipment