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10 Top Reasons Why Parents Choose a Particular Provider

1.       Location of home

Parents prefer childcare arrangements close to home


2.       Telephone interview skills

The provider should be pleasant and prepared to answer your questions.  If you’ve reached them at a bad time, they should say so and ask for your name and number and return your call.


3.       Exterior appearance of the provider’s home and surroundings

Homes need to be in good repair and the yard area should have “curb appeal”.


4.       Child care provider’s grooming

Sometimes individuals who work at home can succumb to some indulgences and let their professional attitude slide.  It is critical for the provider to groom and dress for childcare success every day.


5.       Cleanliness of a provider’s home

First impressions can make or break a business relationship.  The home/center should be clean and organized.


6.       Personal interview skills

Parents often do not know exactly what they are searching for when they start looking for childcare.  Providers must know what they have to offer and be able to promote their program to parents.


7.       Personal and general home organization

Organization helps provider’s look and feel like they are professionals in their business.  No matter how great a provider is with children, if their business is in disarray, parents will think they are not very professional or serious about their business.


8.       Specific organization of child care space and activities offered

It’s important to be sure your children will have enough organized activities and age appropriate toys to play with during the day.  A separate area in the home for the day care children to play is also a plus.


9.       Written financial policies and agreements to clarify the provider’s services

A written contract or agreement to clarify rules and policies will help to eliminate misunderstanding.


10.    Professionalism