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Contact Information

To schedule an interview for home child care at Kid's Corner Child Care and Preschool, LLC please call or text Bonnie at (860)218-8184 or email at kidscornerchildcare@cox.net.  Click on the Facebook tab to follow Kid's Corner Child Care and Preschool or to send a message.                


 My involvement with the Family Child Care Provider's Association is critical to my success as a professional teacher and child care provider.  Through this group, I maintain up-to-date on state regulations and receive training on  childcare and business topics.  For more information regarding the FCCPA, please visit the Facebook page.   https://www.facebook.com/FCCPAMA/

I have personally maintained an active role in the Family Child Care Provider's Association as the referral coordinator.  I will be more than happy to help you find a licensed provider in your area if there are no spaces available at Kid's Corner. 

Please feel free to use the attached child care checklist to assist you during an interview with a provider.

Child Care checklist.pdf

 The state resource that can also help you find a licensed provider in your area is www.211childcare.org.